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About Garda BikeSafe (Ireland) – what does BikeSafe involve?

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An Garda Sióchána fully participate with delivering BikeSafe at various locations throughout Ireland. This road safety initiative includes video pre-learning, a motorcycle safety/skills theory, classroom based workshop and an observed ride led by Advanced Garda Motorcyclists. All motorcycle riders with a valid full motorcycle driving licence and who are fully insured, are welcome to attend Garda BikeSafe. Our workshops will benefit all motorcyclists – from experienced riders, to those getting back into riding after a break of a few years, and will be especially helpful for those who have recently passed their test.

The goal of Garda BikeSafe is to share our experiences and extensive knowledge and encourage you to progress to further post-test training to help you become a more skilled assured rider. Workshops will be held across the country from the spring to autumn each year. [read more | book BikeSafe]

Honest feedback on your strengths and potential areas for improvement

Advanced Garda Motorcyclists are among the safest riders on the road, and through our BikeSafe workshops, you will receive an introduction to hazard awareness and tips for making riding safer. Followed by an on-road assessment ride. The workshop is intended to assist you in identifying and avoiding some of the most common causes of collisions by using data from recent years. The main topics of Motorcycle Road craft will be covered in the Workshop session, with a focus on placement, cornering, and overtaking.

The ride-out will be led by a skilled Advanced Garda Motorcyclist who has successfully completed both the Standard and Advanced courses at An Garda Sochána. You will have the chance to receive honest feedback on your riding’s strengths and potential improvement areas, held in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere.

An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority fully embrace the goal of VISION Zero which is to end all road fatalities and serious injuries by 2050.

A coordinated police-led mission to save lives

Whilst motorcyclists make up just 1.4% of all vehicles registered in Ireland, this vulnerable road user group make up an average of 22% of total fatalities, with 1-in-3 (36%) of motorcycle collisions occurring during the summer months (July to September). Crucial to addressing these disproportionate motorcycle accident statistics is to recognise that the most significant factor is rider error. This is why advanced police riders from An Garda Síochána are united through Garda BikeSafe to help riders to upskill and invest in further post-test motorcycle training.

Garda Adrian Corcoran , DMR Roads Policing Unit, Dublin Castle, said “As a Garda Motorcyclist and a Motorcycle enthusiast I know how enjoyable riding a Motorcycle can be. From my experience I also know how vulnerable we are on the road. Through our BikeSafe workshops we aim to raise hazard awareness and create a desire for you to progress to accredited post-test training. We will provide detailed feedback on the strengths and areas for development of your riding. BikeSafe is a relaxed workshop with the aim of making your motorcycling safer and more enjoyable.”

Mr. Michael Rowland RSA, Director, Road Safety, Research and Driver Education said, “Our road safety partners An Garda Síochána have launched a new motorcycle safety initiative ‘Bike Safe’ which the RSA is happy to support. Any initiative which engages motorcyclists, to build on knowledge, understanding and the application of safe road use skills is to be commended. There are millions of trained motorcyclists around the world who prove every day that biking can be a fun, safe and a satisfying activity. This new initiative will add to the options out there for motorcyclists to learn good habits that can help to keep the rider safe.”

Mr. Keith Synnott, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon, National Spinal Injuries Unit, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, added “In my role as a spine trauma surgeon it is not unusual to see victims of collisions on motorbikes with significant trauma.These can be devastating and truly life changing. As a biker I know that often these crashes can be because people fail to realise how vulnerable we can be. Experienced riders can do all the right things but the actions of others can be unpredictable. Learning how to avoid potential pitfalls and taking advantage of advice from professionals could be lifesaving.”