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Garda BikeSafe – Ireland’s #1 Police-led motorcycle safety initiative

Be Skillful. Be Safe. Be Seen.

Garda BikeSafe | 15 workshop venues

Garda BikeSafe – Ireland’s #1 police-led motorcycle safety initiative

Be Skillful. Be Safe. Be Seen.

Advanced Garda motorcyclists are amongst the safest and most skilled motorcyclists on our roads. Through Garda BikeSafe, they share advanced police motorcycle riding skills to encourage Irish motorcyclists to recognise the value of investing in post-test motorcycle training. This road safety initiative gives motorcyclists access to motorcycle skills eLearning, a facilitated theory class, an observed ride with an Advanced Garda Motorcyclist and a comprehensive debrief on essential next steps. Workshop participants learn how the skilled application of motorcycle roadcraft is crucial to being a safer and more skilled motorcyclist. [book workshop]

Garda BikeSafe | 15 workshop venues

What does a BikeSafe workshop include?


Online and self-guided. Includes x9 video modules covering: attitude, IPSGA, observation, cornering, overtaking, filtering, junctions, group riding and hazard awareness.


Classroom or online theory session. Includes the National BikeSafe curriculum, along with input on local and regional causation factors. Theory input typically lasts 2-3 hours.


Maximum of x2 riders per observer. Minimum one-hour observation per rider. Observed ride element will typically last 2-3 hrs. Includes ongoing roadside debriefing.


Riding assessment, delivered verbally, recorded as an audio file, and/or in written form via a rider development form or digitally via the BikeSafe online feedback platform.


Based on riding observations and assessment of core competencies, with recommendations made regarding ongoing skills, safety and rider development.

(1) eLearning, (2) Theory class, (3) Observed ride, (4) Feedback, and (5) Advice on next steps. Typically all elements take up to six hours.

What does a BikeSafe workshop cost?

BikeSafe costs €75 per motorcyclist / per workshop – discounted to €45 by An Garda Sióchána. This €45 contributes towards the associated costs of running Garda BikeSafe.